Thunderbolt Fantasy Begins With a Crack of Lightning!

Back in 2006 I jumped onto the ball-jointed doll train with my friends. Ball-jointed dolls (or BJD) are an acquired taste for many.  Most of the time when people see my dolls, their first reaction is, “Thats creepy’.” To be fair, I can understand why–what with all the horror films out there portraying dolls as minions of evil, if not evil themselves–but for doll owners they were more. We learned new art skills through BJD. Photography, sewing, arts ‘n... Read More

The Purge: Election Year (2016) Review: When Art Cleverly Imitates Life

Warning: The following review contains some spoilers for The Purge: Election Year. The first chapter of The Purge series (released in 2013) introduced us to an intriguing idea, which took place in the near future (2022 to be exact) when once a year for 12 hours, all crime, including murder, would be legal, and emergency medical services would be disabled for the duration of the night. While it started out promising, the Ethan Hawke-starring thriller/horror film fell victim to the clichés of... Read More

Siren’s Call: A Song of the Deep Review

Ever played a video game that you couldn’t really think anything bad about? You’re going to end up adding Song of the Deep by Insomniac Games to that list. This 3D/2D side scrolling Metroidvania-style game is a work of art; from the entrancing music of the sea to the  underwater world visuals, it felt like I was playing a game and reading a storybook at the same time. If you’re fortunate enough to snag the collectors edition, you’ll receive a copy of the Song of the... Read More

Pokémon Sun and Moon Mini-Site Premiers 9 New Pokémon; Names, Abilities and Mechanics Announced

On July 1, nine new Pokémon from the upcoming Generation VII games, Pokémon Sun and Moon versions, were revealed, complete with English names, typing, Abilities and other details. In keeping with previous entries in the series, the Alola region has its own “starter Bug” line, equivalent to the Caterpie and Weedle families of Generation I’s Kanto region.  These are typically obtainable at the very early portions of the game, and evolve quickly to their later forms.  Starting with the... Read More

What’s Your Video Game Spirit Animal?: A nerdslant Staff Exercise in Nerdy Self-Reflection

Video Games: They’ve been around since 1947 with the Catherode ray tube Amusment Device and have been entertaining the young and old alike ever since, growing into an industrial powerhouse that drives everything from popular culture to way we examine society, and also how we examine ourselves. With E3 behind us for this year, the staff at nerdslant decided to do a bit of that self-examining through the lens of the video games that have shaped our lives by asking one seemingly simple... Read More

Alice Holleman: “Cute-Creepy” and the Art of Illustration

I am very pleased today to be joined by illustrator Alice Holleman at the Howling Music Festival in Abingdon, VA. She’s done some wonderful art ranging from material for bands and concert flyers to webcomics and all kinds of interesting pieces that we’ll be talking about today. Alice, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you start off my introducing yourself and what you do? Alice: I am an illustrator and I like to consider my work “cute-creepy”, but in a more... Read More

Disney and the LEGO Group Team Up For a New Animated-Shorts Series

Disney’s Frozen is having a big week!  Not only did the new Frozen Ever After ride make its debut at the Norway Pavilion in Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center, the entertainment giant recently announced that they’ve teamed up with the LEGO Group to create an entirely new four-part animated series of based on the upcoming book of the same name, titled Frozen Northern Lights. This new cross-media story will return fans to Arendele and follow the original characters on a... Read More

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Movie Review – The Final Cut

Twenty years ago a film came out that was a cheesy, action sci-fi film that captured many audiences. Find out how I feel about the sequel to ID4. There’s an added bonus drinking game for this review: Take a shot for every time I say the word “blast”. Check out the trailer, the delight viral media official site, and coveted IMDB info for this sci-fi summer blockbuster. ... Read More

Return to Arkham on Indefinite Hold

In what is sure to be a sad day for fans of the Rocksteady Arkham games, WB  Games has officially announced that Return to Arkham, which was announced this May, is now on indefinite hold.  While this doesn’t mean the project is scrapped, it certainly is disheartening to hear there is no actual time table for completion.  According to WB Games Staffer Steve Grayson (OMG perfect last name for this job!), “After reviewing the progress of the project, the team at WB Games has decided to... Read More

James Felice of the Felice Brothers Talks Life in the Dark

I am very pleased to be joined by James Felice of the Felice Brothers. They are one of my absolute favorite bands. Their new album, Life in the Dark, comes out today, June 24th. James, welcome to the program. James: Thanks for having me. For those who may not be familiar with you music, can you start off my introducing yourself and the group? James: Sure, yeah. I am James Felice of the Felice brothers, and the band is myself, my older brother Ian, and three of our really close friends, and... Read More